We know what you're thinking


"My employees won't be interested"

74% of employees nationwide choose to add Voluntary Benefit options when given the opportunity and proper explanation 

"My employees don't make enough to afford this"

80% of employees would accept a job with greater benefit options over an identical job with a 30% pay increase. 

"My employees make too much to need this"

60% of working employees WITH health insurance use all or most of their savings to pay medical bills.  

"I already have health insurance, I'm over insured as it is"

Having one type of insurance does not solve all potential problems. Voluntary Benefit options offset the exposure left by other types of insurance in order to help employees cover themselves and their families in the most important time of need.

"What's the catch?"

No catch! Everything we do for a company that partners with us is at NO COST to your business. 

"If all of this was real I would know by now or my broker would have told me"

A Medical broker's primary focus in providing medical, dental & vision. This often leaves voluntary benefits out of the discussion. Leverage Benefits has laser focus on filling the gap that health plans leave.