5 reason's owners & associations continue to choose Leverage


1. Proven Expertise in Voluntary Benefits

With over 25 years of combined Voluntary Benefits focused business, we have proven year after year, on a national scale, we are the experts in an area of benefits that continues to be overlooked.

2. Benefit communication & education

Partnered with the largest electronic enrollment company in the country. Giving them the most detailed and complete explanation of benefits. We reduce the burden of the enrollment process. 

3. No cost, no cost, no cost!

No cost to your business. Need we say more?

4. State and federal compliance support (97% of our clients were not aware they were missing)

The majority of business owners and companies we meet with are unaware they have left their business open to audits and fines related to their current health plans and benefits packages. Our partners love knowing they are partnered with a team who helps them stay compliant with local, state, and federal regulations; protecting them from audit fines and penalties.packages. Our partners love knowing they are with someone that helps them stay compliant with state regulations and avoid audit fines and penalties.

5. Consultants, not salesmen.

Every business is different. We have clients with over 5,000 employees down to as few as 8 employees. Each business has different needs and in a 20-minute consultation, we can find the most important option for you and your business. 

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